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Veritech Fighter

The Veritech Fighter was released by Matchbox (1985), Harmony Gold (1992) and Playmates (1994). The accessories were the same with every release. It came with twelve missiles, 4, missile racks, a booster rocket pack and a gun (which was connected to the bottom).
The fighter that is shown on this page is a combination of both a Matchbox and a Playmates toy. The orange cockpit window, the gray boosters, the skull and crossbone tail fins and the stickers depicting shot down Zentraedi (visible below the cockpit) are all from the Matchbox version. Also the black ring that is shown going around the nose cone was painted on by myself.
The Playmates version of the Veritech had a blue tinted cockpit window, blue boosters and no skull and crossbones on the tail fins.
This toy is not transformable, however, It looks as though Matchbox had considered trying to make it transform. The rear jets (feet) can open, and the arms actually have hinges visible underneath the body. They are rendered completely useless by screws. Another clue might be that it came with a removable gun.
The Veritech Fighter can be used with the Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, Max Sterling or Miriya action figures.

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