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Zentraedi Officer's Battle Pod

This vehicle was made by Matchbox in 1985.
The box that came with this vehicle has some really nice art.
The toy is mostly light blue with some grayish blue, and red parts.
Overall this toy was very loose and clumsy to play with or pose, but it looks great.
It is for use with the Micronized Zentraedi Warrior action figure. This is incorrect however, because the armor that the warriors would wear while they were piloting battle pods was more like that of the Armoured Zentraedi Warrior, but the 6 inch figure is too large to fit inside the toy.

This version of the vehicle was made in 1994 by Playmates.
The box art is terrible, even without being compared to the Matchbox box. It hurts to see Exo-Squad figures at the controls of such a fine piece of destructive machinery.
The toy is essentially the same as the other releases except that the color is mostly grayish blue in color. Also the knee joints are colored blue here instead of just being left the same as the rest of the legs. The Playmates version was actually made more sturdy and stands better than the Matchbox version.

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