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Armoured Zentraedi Warrior

Age: Undetermined
Rank: Private

The 60 foot giant Zentraedi Warriors have been created by the evil Robotech Masters to serve as mercenaries in their battle against the Micronians (humans) to gain control of the SDF-1 Battle Fortress and its supply of the precious protoculture. Designed to be war machines through training and genetic engineering, the Zentraedi Warrior has no emotions and lives only for battle.

Prototype Figure
The prototype figure's helmet was not removable and the figures arms were jointed in a different way than the final production figure. The final figure is 100% different.

This 6 inch figure is without a doubt one of the coolest figures that was made for this line. His helmet is completely removable, and it even has a visor that is hinged to create the face-plate.
The heavy Zentraedi armor that this figure is wearing is the armor that the warriors wear while they are piloting the Officer's Battle Pods and the Tactical Battle Pods. The figure is however too large to fit in either of the toys made of those vehicles. The small Zentraedi warrior wearing the light armor is made for those.
Some of the downfalls of this figure include the lack of a weapon, the loss of the swivel-arm battle grip and the visor likes to fall off.

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