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Age: Undetermined
Rank: Captain

Ace pilot of the Zentraedi Flotilla, Miriya leads the attack of the SDF-1 which results in the death of Roy Fokker. She also wages a vendetta against Max Sterling, undergoing micronization (shrinking) so that she can infiltrate the confines of the SDF-1 and assassinate her arch enemy.

Prototype Figure
The prototype figure of Miriya looks so much more like the cartoon character than the production figure, that it's not even funny. She looks cool with longer hair.

This figure has a very disappointing head sculpture. The prototype of this toy had longer hair and was definitely closer to the correct likeness of Miriya. The rest of this figure is much better than the head. This figure has problems standing up. She is very top heavy and likes to fall backwards.
A smaller figure of Miriya was also made, but it suffers the same head problem that the large one does. The good thing about that one however, is that you can cover the head with a helmet.
The power armor that is depicted on Miriya's card is the "male" power armor. The "female" power armor that Miriya flew in the cartoon is quite a bit different, and was never made as a toy.

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