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Age: Undetermined
Rank: Zentraedi Warlord

Khyron is the most insidious warlord in the entire Zentraedi Fleet. He is a glory-hungry opportunist who will stop at nothing to achieve his ends. He has great contempt for his superior officers and views the entire "quest for the SDF-1" as a massive waste of time. He grows to hate the Micronians (humans) who have gained control of the massive Battle Fortress.

Prototype Figure
Khyron's prototype figure is nearly identical to the final production figure.

At last, Khyron.
One of the coolest characters in the Robotech saga looks more like a member of the Monkees in his action figure form.
He should have been given his high collared cloak, and a more sinister looking facial expression.
It would have been cool if Matchbox made Khyron in his Battle Pod Armor. Especially if he were scaled down to fit in the Officer's Battle Pod toy.

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