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Age: Undetermined
Rank: Zentraedi Minister of Affairs

Breetai's Minister of Affairs. Exedore is the law. Advisor and confidant of Breetai, his physical deformity, by Zentraedi standards, causes him to be exempt from combat. Therefore, he has turned his energy into studying the history of Robotech and how it relates to the Zentraedi. It is this secret that drives him toward the humans and their prize SDF-1. The SDF-1 is, to Exedore, the key to the future.

Prototype Figure
The prototype for Exedore seems to capture the likeness of the cartoon better that the final figure. He is shorter and he has the large cloth piece around the neck.

Correct to the character in the cartoon the figure of Exedore is the shortest of the Zentraedi figures.
The figure needs to have the cloth wrap around his neck. This wrap can be seen on the figures card, and the prototype figure was made with it. I have no idea why the manufacturers decided to just give him a regular collar.
Overall, a pretty poor figure. Nice card art, though.

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