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Zentraedi Tactical Battle Pod

This vehicle was made by Matchbox in 1985.
The box that came with this particular battle pod is bilingual. It has French and English descriptions. Also the Irwin logo makes a guest appearance. The Matchbox version of this toy is molded mainly in a baby blue color. Also the window has an reddish tint to it. Overall, it is cheaply constructed, but it's really a nice piece to look at.
It is for use with the Micronized Zentraedi Warrior action figure. See the Officer's Battle Pod page to see my comments on this.

This version of the vehicle was made in 1994 by Playmates.
Again we see the terrible box art that ties Robotech into the Exo-Squad world. In my opinion the Matchbox box art (shown above) is much better looking.
I feel that the toy that was released by Playmates is better than the Matchbox version, however. The toy is much more tightly built, and does not have the standing problems that the Matchbox version has. I also like the gray better than the light blue.

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