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Scott Bernard

Age: 20
Rank: Lieutenant

Scott is one of the new generation of Robotech Defenders who were born in outer space during the Expeditionary Mission to recover the location of the home of the Robotech Masters. He is a pilot in the Mars Division, one of the advanced interstellar battalions trying to reclaim the Earth from the clutches of the Invids. One of the few survivors from this advanced Robotech detachment, Scott is a moody character driven by revenge.

Prototype Figure
This prototype figure, pictured in the Matchbox catalog, is pretty much exactly the same as the production figure.
Matchbox (China): This figure is very similar to the Harmony Gold version. It does however have unique arms and inner thigh pieces (see below).
Harmony Gold (China): This figure is very similar to the Matchbox version except for a few things. The arms on this version are the same arms used for the Micronized Zentraedi Warrior. There are elbow pads and knotches in the shoulder pads. The inner thigh pieces also seem to have come from another figure. The seams don't quite match up. The blue areas are a darker shade of blue.
Both figures: Come with a removable helmet and a gun. These figures are incorrect because they have some of the cycle armor already in place, such as the thigh plates and the chest plates. To see what the armor should look like you can refer to the Scott Bernard figure in the Transforming Mecha section. Matchbox also released the Armoured Cyclone, which is the vehicle for the Scott Bernard figure.


Harmony Gold

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