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Lisa Hayes

Rank: Lt. Commander
Age: 24
Occupation: First officer aboard the bridge of the SDF-1

As first officer aboard the massive SDF-1 space fortress, Lisa is in charge of all ship operations, including the defense pattern of the Veritech forces. After the death on Mars Base Sara of her fiance, Karl Riber, during the first Robotech war with the Zentraedi, Lisa throws herself into her work to cope with her sorrow. Although she seems almost oblivious to the men around her, through a series of circumstances she eventually falls secretly in love with Rick Hunter, a young Veritech fighter pilot under her command.

This 12 inch doll was made by Matchbox in 1985. It was also rereleased by Harmony Gold in 1992.
Lisa Hayes comes with her dress uniform, jacket, green shoes, duty roster, headset, comb and a brush. The uniform that this figure is wearing is representative of the outfit that Lisa wears for the majority of the cartoon series.
Several other carded outfits were released that could be used with either this doll or the other two female dolls.
The 3 3/4 inch figure of Lisa was manufactured wearing her space suit.

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