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Lynn Minmei

Rank: Non-military status
Age: 15 going on 16
Occupation: Singer, movie star

Lynn Minmei is one of almost 70,000 refugees who lives aboard the SDF-1 space fortress. During it's 30-month voyage back to Earth, Minmei competes in a beauty contest and wins the coveted title if "Miss Macross". In her new role, Minmei catapults to stardom as a singer and actress, and uses her celebrity status to enrich the morale of the civilians and crew aboard the SDF-1. Her melodious singing voice ultimately inspires many of the Zentraedi to defect.

This 12 inch doll was made by Matchbox in 1985. It was also rereleased by Harmony Gold in 1992.
Lynn Minmei comes with her stage dress, belt, silver shoes, microphone, comb and a brush.
Some of the other outfits that were made for Minmei include her Chinese dress, star disguise outfit and Miss Macross outfit. There were also several other outfits released on card that could be used with any of the female dolls.
Matchbox was going to make a two seat Fanliner vehicle that could be used with this doll, but it supposedly never made it out onto the market. The "Minmei Chinese Restaurant/Bedroom Playset" suffered the same fate.
A 3 3/4 inch figure of Minmei was released by Harmony Gold in 1992.

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