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Dana Sterling

Rank: Lieutenant
Age: 18
Occupation: Leader of the 15th Squadron

The daughter of Max and Miriya Sterling. Dana is the first child born out of a Human-Zentraedi marriage. Dana is among the first graduates of the Robotech Military Academy. Her brilliant mind, natural curiosity and precognition in regard to matters concerning the Robotech Masters make her a catalyst for much of the action during the Second Robotech War. She shares an uncommon psychic bond with the renegade clone, Zor Prime.

This 12 inch doll was made by Matchbox in 1985. It was also rereleased by Harmony Gold in 1992.
Dana Sterling comes with her party dress, shoes, purse, comb and a brush.
One outfit, the "flight uniform", was made for use exclusively with Dana. Several other carded outfits were made that could be used with any of the female dolls.
A large scale Hover Cycle vehicle was also produced for this figure.
A 3 3/4 inch figure of Dana was also released by Matchbox and Harmony Gold.

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