in 1984 Buddy L jumped in the Tranformers and Gobots craze! They had to invent some new, exciting robots that would persuade kids to buy their line. It is hard to do that if you don't have a kids television show and when your research & devolpment only knows how to make cars, not robots.

    Buddy L tried and failed, like many other companies. Buddy L produced the Robo Tron line for 2 years. The toys were small, weak, barely-poseable and the paint job was the color of the plastic (they were cute though). But we still appreciate them and they at least need to be known. They are still collectible and did have some neat idea's and designs. Below is the story line for the toy line.

    "In all Galactic lore, there is no story as tragic and hard fought as that of the Twin Princes of the Rival Moons of Planet Robotron. Each Prince was to rule his own moon, with the most successful ruler eventually becoming the new Emperor of Robotron. One of the Princes chose evil and destruction as his means to power, and set out to destroy the Good Prince."


RoboTron: Dinotron

Bug Bots

Charger Tron

RoboTron: Leaders

--= Buddy L Robo's from Around the World! =--

Buddy L RoboTron from Argentina (by Logo)

Buddy L Royal-T

    This is one for the books. I do not know which line it was produced under for Buddy L, and I have not seen another. This is a exact replica of the Gobots Royal-T model made by Monogram for Tonka. This Royal-T is in baby blue color and is produced by Buddy-L! With Copyright info and a date of 1984. Isn't this fraud by a major company?

Also a thanks to Tomarts Encylcopedia for helping this section out with names and company facts.

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