Many countries took Transformers to a whole new level. Some had their own series and their own Transformers toys. This section will exhibit quite a number of them from various countries.


Generation 1

D-48 White Astrotrain MIB

Ratchet Mail-Away MIB

Downshift Mail-Away MIB

The Headmasters

D-78 Predaking Giftset MIB

D-88 Targetmaster Triggerhappy MIB

D-90 Targetmaster Slugslinger MIB

C-109 Targetmaster Stepper MIB

C-101 Chromedome MIB

D-101 Soundblaster MIB

C-121 "Gurafi" Dino Cassette MIB

C-122 "Noizu" Dino Cassette MIB

C-123 "Dial" Dino Cassette

C-124 "Zaur" Dino Cassette MIB

C-131 Raiden MIB

Headmaster Lione MIB

Headmaster Loafer MIB

Headmaster Shuffler MIB

Master Force

C-301 "Go Shooter" Jr. Headmster MIB

C-302 "Carb" Jr. Headmster MIB

C-303 "Minelba" Jr. Headmster MIB

C-305 Ranger MIB

D-304 Hydra MIB

D-305 Buster MIB

D-307 Overlord MIB

D-308 Browning MIB

D-311 Black Zarak

C-312 Sixknight MIB

D-313 Overbite MISB

D-315 Lobclaw MISB

D-316 Galph MISB

D-317 Tentakil MISB

Transformers Victory

C-326 Galaxy Shuttle MIB (Vrsn 1)

D-328 Dino King Gifset MIB

Transformers Zone

C-326 Galaxy Shuttle MIB (Vrsn 2)

C-348 Daitlus MIB

Return Of Convoy

C-370 "Six Liner" Micromaster Combiner MIB

TF-03 "Sixbuilder" Micromaster Combiner MIB

Transformers Misc.

S.T.A.R.S. Control Center

Action Masters Megatron Arm Cannon

Europe & Austraulia

Generation 1

Action Master Bombshell

Action Master Charger

Action Master Powerflash

Action Master Sideswipe

Action Master Take-Off

Action Master Tracks

Action Master Elite Double Punch

Action Master Elite Omega Spreem

Action Master Elite Turbomaster

Action Master Elite Windmill

Action Masters Circuit & Exo Suit MIB

Action Masters Thundercracker & Exo Suit MIB

Action Masters Rumbler & Exo Suit MIB

Action Masters Slicer & Exo Suit MIB

Box Artwork for European Toys (Back of Box)

Classic Astrotrain "Spainish" MISB

Classic Octane "Spainish" MISB

China & Korea

Generation 1

Nightbeat w/ Koren Stickers MISB

South America


ArgentinianTransformers Section


Brazilian Transformers Section

Chile or Peru

"Orange" Cliffjumper MOSC

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