The rarest Transformers are not the actual production pieces, but variations of them. These can be quite subtle as a detail change to as a large as a complete color change.

North American Variations

Yellow Bumblejumper MOSC

Jazz Cookie Crisp Mail-Away

"Pepsi Prime" Optimus Prime Promo

Jetfire w/ Macross Symbols

Scourge Painted vs. Unpainted vs. Targetmaster

Cyclonus Painted vs. Unpainted

Canadian Variations

"Red" Slag

Oversized Tech Specs w/different readings

Other Asian Variations

Nightbeat w/ Koren Stickers MISB

European Variations

"Blue & White" Huffer

"Yellow" Windcharger

Optimus Prime w/ "Red Feet"

Red Tracks "MB" w/ Styro Inserts MIB

Ratchet "MB" w/ Styro Inserts MIB

Mirage "MB" w/ Styro Inserts MIB

Prowl "MB" w/ Styro Inserts MIB

Wheeljack "MB" w/ Styro Inserts MIB

"Red Faced" Twin Twist

Mexican / Netherlands Variations

"Maroon" Brawn

"Blue" Bumblebee

"Blue" Cliffjumper MOSC

"Silver" Cliffjumper

"Purple" Gears

"Blue" Huffer

"White" Windcharger

"Purple Nosecone" Skywarp

"Metallic Maroon" Ramjet

"Green" Trailbreaker

Brazilian Variations

Brazilian Transformers Section

Argentina Variations

Argentina Transformers Section

Chile Variations

"Orange" Cliffjumper

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