Prototype Transformers are the rarest pieces that you can ever come across. These pieces were never open to the public, and were used in the creation of the toys. Prototypes can refer to a piece that is the original sculpt, the original first working model (Hardcopy), to the first toy that comes out of the molds. These pieces can be one of a kind, or a dozen may exist. There are many forms, and many variations.
    The most desired of all Prototypes are ones that never got past the prototype stage, and were never released to the public. These unproduced pieces are by far the holy grails of Transformer Collecting. These pieces are usually a suprise, because we don't know what was unproduced until a concept prototype is shown to us.

Generation 1 Transformers

Pre Transformer Transformers

Unproduced Transformer Crane Vehicle / Robot

Pre Movie Transformers

Bumblebee Prototype Test Shot

Bumblejumper Prototype Test Shot

Skylynx hardcopy Prototype

Movie Transformers

Galvatron Hardcopy

Cyclonus Hardcopy

Gnaw Hardcopy

Ultra Magnus Toyfair Sample MIB


Doublecross Engineering Pilot

Powermasters etc.

Powermasters (Autobots) 1st Engineering Pilots

Powermasters Getaway Engineering Pilot #2

Powermasters Slapdash Engineering Pilot #2

Powermasters Joyride Engineering Pilot #2

Sparkabot Sizzle Proof Card

Sparkabot Fizzle Proof Card

Sparkabot Guzzle Proof Card

Firecon Cindersaur Proof Card

Throttlebot Rollbar Wood Pattern Sculpt


Pretenders Finback Hardcopy Prototype w/ Unproduced Head

Pretenders Submarauder Hardcopy Prototype

Double Pretenders Unproduced Gorillia, Monster & Lion Armor Prototypes

Double Pretenders Unproduced "Gorillia" Prototype Vrs. 1

Double Pretenders Unproduced "Gorillia" Prototype Vrs. 2

Double Pretenders Unproduced "Monster" Prototype Vrs. 1

Double Pretenders Unproduced "Monster" Prototype Vrs. 2

Double Pretenders Unproduced "Lion Armor" Prototype Vrs. 1

Sky High Hardcopy Prototype on Canadian Rebate Slip


Unproduced Micromasters Command Center Prototype

Micromasters Off-Road Patrol Proof Cards


Generators Organics Hardcopy Prototype

Action Masters

Action Masters Blaster Test Shot

Action Masters Jackpot Test Shot

Action Masters Krok Test Shot

Action Masters Soundwave Hardcopy

Action Masters Jazz No Marking

Action Master Elite Double Punch Hardcopy

Action Master Elite Omega Spreem Hardcopy

Action Master Elite Turbomaster Hardcopy

Action Master Elite Windmill Hardcopy

Action Masters Test Idea Exo Suit Brainmaster

Unproduced Action Master Exo Suit Tank Prototype

Unproduced Action Master "Half Track" Tank Prototype


Turbomaster Boss Prototype Hardcopy

Turbomaster Flash Prototype Hardcopy

Turbomaster Scorch Prototype Hardcopy

Turbomaster Hurricane Prototype Hardcopy


Predator Falcon Prototype Hardcopy

Predator Skydive Prototype Hardcopy

Predator Snare Prototype Hardcopy

Predator Talon Prototype Hardcopy

Other Transformers & Misc. Items

Unproduced Autobot Battle Plan Package Insert

Lamborghini Mock Up for High Detail Transformers Line

Generation 2 Transformers


Long Haul Test Shot

Scavenger Test Shot


Grimlock Test Shot

Slag Test Shot

Laser Cycles

Laser Cycle Jazz MOSC

Laser Cycle Soundwave MOSC

Hero Series

Hero Optimus Prime Recolor MOSC

Hero Megatron Recolor MOSC


Protectabots First Aid MOSC

Protectabots Groove MOSC

Protectabots Streetwise MOSC

Protectabots Blades MOSC


Stunticons Dead End MOSC

Stunticons Breakdown MOSC

Stunticons Drag Strip MOSC

Stunticons Wildrider MOSC

Other Transformers

Gi-Joe / Transformers Crossover Transformer Hardcopy Prototype

Inferno Test Shot

Megatron ATB Hardcopy Prototype

Megatron ATB MISB

Megatron Video Camera Mock Up

Ramjet Recolor Mock Up

Sidewswipe (Red)

Autoroller Tank Test Shot

Autoroller Jet Test Shot

Botcon Exclusive Nightracer Test Shot

Hasbro's Christmas Mini Car Ornament Present (Beachcomber Prototype)

Machine Wars

Hoist Test Shot (Black)

Mirage Test Shot (Green)

Megatron Test Shot (Green)

Beast Wars

Rat Trap Test Shot (Black/Grey)

Terrorsaur Test Shot (Green)

Iguanus Test Shot (Magenta/Red)

Iguanus Test Shot (Yellow)

Iguanus Test Shot & Hand Painted (Green)

Iguanus Test Shot (Brown/Cream)

Dinobot Test Shot (Black/Grey)

Tarantulas Test Shot (Silver/Amber)

Snapper Test Shot (Purple/Pink)

Insecticon Test Shot (Purple/Pink)

Armordillo Test Shot (Purple/Pink)

Polar Claw Test Shot (Red/White)

Unproduced Shadow Panther

Optimal Optimus Test Shot (Black / Orange)

Bantor Hardcopy

Night Glider Test Shot (Orange/Grey)

Torca Original Sculpt

Prowl Test Shot (White/ Chrome Red)

Iguanis Test Shot (White)

Unproduced Transmetal II Cheetor


Manta Ray Test Shot

Transcon 2

Transcon 2 Proof Sheet for Onyx Primal

Transcon 2 Proof Sheet for Swoop

Transcon 2 Proof Sheet for Albitron

Transcon 2 Mock Set Up Box for Albitron

Transcon 2 Concept Box for Albitron & Swoop 2 Pack

Transcon 2 Mock Set Up Box for Albitron & Swoop 2 Pack

Transcon 2 Proof Sheet for Albitron & Swoop 2 Pack

Beast Machines

Beast Machines Buzzsaw Test Shot

Beast Machines Cheetor Test Shot

Beast Machines Jetstorm Test Shot

Beast Machines Jetstorm Test Shot (Rescue)

Beast Machines Mirage Test Shot

Beast Machines Scavenger Test Shot

Beast Machines Tankor Test Shot

Beast Machines Airraptor Test Shot

Beast Machines Dinotron Test Shot

Beast Machines Trideradon Test Shot

Beast Machines Striker Test Shot

Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor Test Shot

Beast Machines Night Slash Cheetor Sample MOSC

Beast Machines Hammerstrike Test Shot

Beast Machines Battle Unicorn Test Shot

Beast Machines Primal Prime Toy Fair Example Boxed

Transformers: PVC's

Arcee PVC Test Shot in Clear Blue

God Ginrai PVC Test Shot in Clear Amber

Transformers: Armada

Armada Optimus Prime Supercon Test Shot (Many Colors)

Armada Optimus Prime Supercon Test Shot (Black / Purple)

Armada Sparkplug Mini-Con Test Shot (Green)

Armada Megatron Tank Test Shot

Armada Hoist & Refute Mini-Con Test Shots (Black)

Armada Skywarp & Mini-Con Test Shots (Black)

Armada Wheeljack & Windsheer Mini-Con Test Shots (Black)

Armada Tidal Wave & Ramjet Mini-Con Test Shots (Toothpaste Green)

Transformers: Energon

Towline Test Shot (Pink & Blue)

Transformers: Re-Issues

Optimus Prime Cab (Aqua)

Ultra Magnus (Aqua & Yellow)

Jazz (Silver & Blue)

Prowl (Clear Blue)

Hot Rod (White)

Hot Rod (Black)

Sidewswipe (Red)

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